Coldplay’s Chris Martin Managed To Make BTS’s J-Hope Flustered, And Here’s Why

It made ARMYs soft!

When BTS and Coldplay announced that they would be collaborating together for the track “My Universe,” fans worldwide couldn’t contain their excitement. In particular, many couldn’t wait to see interactions between two music groups who might be so different but have a joint love for producing music.

BTS and Coldplay | @bts_twt/ Twitter

After the track was released, BTS has been releasing footage from different parts of the process from their first meeting, recording the song, and much more. They recently released another video showing interactions between the group, including an impromptu concert, gift-giving, and much more.

In particular, one moment that fans couldn’t get enough of was the moment when both groups were on the way to get some food. While J-Hope and Suga were discussing their outfit choices, something happened that suddenly made J-Hope very flustered.

Out of the blue, Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin started singing a rendition of his track “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

Although the members seemed in awe of Chris, fans could see how excited and surprised J-Hope was to hear his song being sung by the Coldplay musician.

RM joked with Chris, “How can you know everything?” after he seemed to know the tune, words, and feeling of the song. Even though Chris explained that he only really knew one line, J-Hope couldn’t hide his excitement, saying, “Thank you!

After V started to join in with his own rendition of the song, the members also pointed out something that was no doubt going to make J-Hope even happier. They explained that even on the group’s first meeting with Coldplay, Chris explained to them that “Chicken Noodle Soup” was his favorite song.

Chris even spoke about how much he loved the video, especially the part where all the cars started bouncing!

It isn’t the first time that Chris Martin has proved just how much he loves J-Hope. When the members were recording the song, Chris was so impressed that he went into J-Hope’s booth to personally compliment him face-to-face!

Once again, Chris Martin has proved just how much he genuinely likes the BTS members and their music. It also shows just how humble the group is when, despite their fame, they continue to get shy and flustered when people reveal that they love their music.

You can watch the whole video below.