Coldplay’s Chris Martin Is So Impressed By BTS’s J-Hope, He Can’t Stop Praising Him

He even went into the booth to compliment him!

In BTS‘s recent “My Universe” documentary, Coldplay‘s Chris Martin was impressed with BTS’s work ethic from the beginning — and J-Hope‘s stunning voice!

J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube

He wasn’t sure if they had even started to create the rap, but by the time he arrived, they were already prepared with material to record.

Soon, J-Hope went into the booth to start recording his smooth verse, and the slew of compliments continued!

As Chris watched in awe, his delighted expression shows just how impressed he was with J-Hope’s skills.

He was so impressed that he went into J-Hope’s booth to personally compliment him face-to-face!

As someone who has always been a fan of Coldplay…

J-Hope once vlogged about his experience at a Coldplay concert. 

…the compliment must have meant a lot to J-Hope!

Check out his full story about the concert below!

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