BTS’s J-Hope Once Attended A Coldplay Concert — Here’s Everything He Told ARMYs

He won’t forget this day.

In 2017, BTS‘s J-Hope once posted a video discussing his experience at a Coldplay concert in Seoul, South Korea.

After returning to Korea during BTS’s 2017 Wings Tour, he attended Coldplay’s long-awaited concert with RM.

I just watched the performance of an artist that I’ve liked since I was young, so I was able to gain energy from that. As it’s been a long time since Coldplay has had a performance, I went to watch it.

— J-Hope

He revealed the concert helped him to see things from the perspective of a fan in the audience instead of as an artist, filling him with a unique type of joy.

As I was watching it, from the perspective of being a fan of the artist, I really felt that sort of ‘nervous and tingly happiness’ that I haven’t felt for a long time.

— J-Hope

This also gave him a greater understanding and appreciation of his fans.

Also, because I have the experience and perspective of someone who does concerts, I also realized and shared that feeling of gratitude towards fans who like me and listen to my music.

— J-Hope

The atmosphere revitalized him, giving him the energy to complete the remainder of the tour and put on the best show possible for his fans.

I felt that (just like Coldplay), I must also put on a good performance. I will be inspired from that and be sure to pass on this enregy to the fans who love and support me.

— J-Hope

Watch his full log below!