From The Practice Room To The Stage, J-Hope Levels Up BTS

Here’s why the members think “Jung Team Leader” is so important.

Through Weverse Magazine, ARMY were given an inside look into BTS‘s iconic 2022 GRAMMYs performance. BTS’s choreographer Son Sung Deuk on the importance of J-Hope‘s role behind the scenes of BTS’s success.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Unable to attend many of the rehearsals while in quarantine for COVID-19, his absence greatly changed the practice room. Joining the rest of the members only a day before the GRAMMYs performance, he quickly shifted the atmosphere of BTS’s practice.

BTS at the 2022 GRAMMYs. | Billboard

Known as “Choreography/Dance Team Leader” J-Hope, often shortened by the members to “Jung Team Leader,” he becomes the true leader in the practice room. It takes merely a phrase to gather all of the BTS members and get to work.

He made sure that the others kept their focus while practicing. For example, before the group practiced all together, RM was sliding across the floor and studying how to get past the lasers without being caught; Jimin said ‘there’s no way not to get caught’ by the lasers after continually hitting them, and V, pretending to be hit by a laser, said they ‘have to act if you’re caught’; SUGA was laughing and saying, ‘I guess trying too hard kind of backfired on me,’ after someone told him that his jacket choreography would look better if he didn’t try so hard; Jin was dancing with them in spirit during the dance break, as SUGA said; and Jung Kook was constantly working on his steps and cartwheels. Then, with a quick ‘let’s try it just one more time’ from j-hope, they all gathered together and resumed practicing as a group.

— Weverse Magazine

J-Hope leads BTS’s dance practice. | CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube 

Known for his vital role behind the scenes, the members felt out of order without their “boss.” Jungkook noted that “the leader has to be there” in order for the members to focus and and produce the best stage possible.

BTS’s post-GRAMMYs livestream | Naver 

Son Sung Deuk revealed that the members respect and admire J-Hope for his control of the practice room and listen to all of his advice and critiques.

The other members respect and admire J-Hope for the way he sets the mood during dance rehearsal or any kind of practice, so when he says they should try one more time, they realize that they really need the practice or something’s not quite right. That’s why the members say the atmosphere of the practice studio is entirely different depending on whether J-Hope is there or not, too. So he’s an important presence when it comes to practicing choreography.

— Son Sung Deuk

BTS with Choreographer Son Sung Deuk and Founder of BIGHIT Music Bang Sihyuk. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Despite only being able to practice with the complete team for one day, J-Hope still managed to guide the members to have a successful performance. Luckily, their strong synergy as a group allowed them to quickly adjust to the difficult practice schedule. Check out more below.

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