Here’s The Surprising Story Of How BTS J-Hope’s Family Originally Found His Dog Mickey Abandoned

They have hearts of gold!

BTS‘s J-Hope loves his adorable family pet Shih Tzu, Mickey, and shows him off to ARMYs whenever he can.

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Constantly mentioned over the years in interviews, videos, and photos, J-Hope’s sister Jiwoo only recently revealed the surprising way that Mickey ended up as part of the family.

She shared that her and her mother actually found Mickey abandoned at a young age.

Twelve years ago, Mickey was left at a gas station with a note from some grandparents. Their daughter left her dog with them, but it was too hard for them to take care of a young puppy.

— Jiwoo

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After finding the lonely puppy, Jiwoo and her mother made the decision to take care of him.

So, as if it was an adoption, me and my mom took him home. I’m so grateful that he’s been with us ever since then.

— Jiwoo

All of these years later, Mickey is loved and treasured as a valuable part of the Jung family.

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After all, he is one of J-Hope’s greatest life influences!

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