BTS’s J-Hope May Have Spoiled “Hope In The Box” Way Back In 2013

ARMY, did you catch the reference?!

BTS‘s J-Hope just released his visual teaser for “Hope In The Box,” and it’s giving old school ARMY all the feels!

BTS’s J-Hope on the set of the “MORE” music video. | BIGHIT Music

In the video, a jester pops out of a jack-in-the-box toy with a chilling beat in the background — along with J-Hope breathing. As part of his solo debut album Jack In The Box, the actual message posted with the video is referencing a story dating back almost 10 years.

Only one thing was left in the box. It was ‘Hope’

— @bts_bighit/Twitter

J-Hope once told a story from his predebut era when he was thinking of his stage name, along with RM and Bang PD-nim. Taking the “J” of his family name, Jung, combined with the first syllable of his name Hoseok, he originally created “J-Ho.”

After saying the name out loud, they tossed around ideas and settled on “J-Hope.”

Soon after, a backstory quickly fell into place: The story from Greek mythology of “Pandora’s Box” reveals how Pandora accidentally released the evils of humankind into the world. Through that, “Hope” was the last thing left in the box, which is used by people to overcome these evils.

J-hope attributed this story to his stage name that helped form his identity…

…and ultimately lead him to the path that he’s paved today.

With a variety of definitions, “Hope” can be defined as “a person or thing that may help or save someone” as well as “grounds for believing that something good may happen.” It can also be synonymous with both optimism and “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

In these ways, J-Hope embodies these sentiments for his fans by being a positive influence and bringing them a sense of happiness and inspiration.

Watch the full visual teaser below.