The Return Of “Hope On The Street”? — BTS’s J-Hope Reveals His Huge Plans For 2023

Something BIG is coming!

BTS‘s J-Hope had one heck of a year in 2022, but he also has big plans for 2023!

During his recent appearance on YouTube show MMTG, J-Hope described 2022 as one of the greatest year for his growth as an artist. Achieving many goals and trying new things, he reached a variety of career milestones.

However, the exciting plans are spilling over into 2023! First, he became the main event at 2023 Paris Fashion Week

…then he announced the release of his upcoming Disney+ documentary, j-hope IN THE BOX.

BTS’s J-Hope in j-hope IN THE BOX | Disney+

Now, a new project is on the way — and according to him, it’s huge!

In 2023, there is a project that I’m massively preparing for.

— J-Hope

It’s all about one of his favorite things since he was young: Street dance!

Like many of us, host JaeJae wondered if it will be a continuation of Hope On The Street.

“Hope On The Street” is his series of videos where he shows off his freestyle street dance skills and sometimes even brings along a special guest.

Since he’s been busy with many projects, it’s been a while since the last episode. However, he’s dropping hints that this new project is what we’ve all been waiting for!

He hopes everyone will look forward to his exciting new plans.

Yes, I’m preparing something like that. I’d feel much appreciated if you keep watching out for me in the future as well and I hope you’ll be looking forward to it.

— J-Hope

These aren’t the only clues he’s dropped recently. J-Hope also revealed he fell into his love for dance again.

Other clues ARMYs have gathered include his recent dancing Instagram stories…

…as well as his clever livestream hints!

However, the biggest hint of all is his dance crew Neuron‘s brand new Instagram page.

Whatever J-Hope has planned for us, we can’t wait to tune in!