BTS’s J-Hope Lets ARMY Decide If He Should Cut His Hair Or Leave It Long — And Fans Are Completely Divided

Which team are you on?

BTS‘s J-Hope recently put the fate of his next look in the hands of his beloved fans, ARMY! Through an Instagram poll, he let voters pick his next hairstyle.


1. Cut it?

2. Leave it?

— J-Hope

Before casting your vote, let’s review our options: Long-haired J-Hope made his debut along with his solo album Jack in the Box.

He revealed to fans that he grew it out to emphasize his headbanging during his 2022 Lollapalooza performance — and it looked beyond cool!

With this hairstyle, he proved he can pull off a variety of styles. From his sexy rockstar charisma…

…to his neat look in a polished white suit…

…to his boyfriend material look with his permed bangs, every style is a success!

However, don’t count his shorter hairstyles out yet!

One word, two syllables: FOREHEAD.

There’s a reason fans can’t contain themselves around the handsome look! From his pitch black hair…

…all the way to platinum blonde, this hairstyle is as hot as fire.

Even with just a trim, his visuals shine brighter than ever.

It seems that making a choice isn’t as easy as we thought! Is it time for J-Hope to make the chop…

…or should he embrace his rockstar side and keep it long?

In the end, it doesn’t really matter — J-Hope is always flawless!