BTS’s J-Hope Is Already A Master Of Instagram…Kind Of

He made a mistake, but it’s too cute! 😂

Watch out, Instagram influencers! BTS‘s J-Hope has arrived on the platform and is quickly getting the hang of it. Uploading a variety of unique and exciting content, fans can find all sorts of photos from him, including his latest favorite pastime of taking polaroid pictures.

ARMYs can expect J-Hope in all forms, from standard selfies…

…to perfect boyfriend material photos, he’s covered all of the Instagram basics!

He isn’t shying away from mirror photos…

…and even scenery pictures of what he’s eating and drinking!

However, in his attempt to lay out a themed Instagram photo feed, he didn’t quite anticipate it would be this hard!

I realized what I was missing as I was putting [the feed] together…

Next time, I’ll try to make it nicer🥲

Please give it some love though since it’s my first time trying😇

— J-Hope

Despite his handwritten “I’m Your Hope~” message being slightly cut off, he’s getting the hang of the app — and showering ARMYs with the cutest photos!

Keep going, Hobi! 💜

Source: @uarmyhope/Instagram