BTS’s J-Hope Watched Fans Reacting To “More” – Here’s What He Thought

He was even prepared for negative feedback.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently sat down with W Korea to talk about the extensive journey of creating his solo album Jack In The Box.

J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

In the interview, J-Hope opened up about everything from his best quality to the struggles he overcame to create his album. J-Hope even discussed the meltdown he suffered because of the album producers’ initial feedback.

But because of J-Hope’s passion and determination, he continued to diligently work to make Jack In The Box reflect who he is as an artist.

But you know what’s funny though? I got more creative doing a fresh start. I erased them all, and it just cleared my mind. I do not avoid challenges and slumps. I am the kind of person who encounters and overcomes it. Like, ‘Let’s just do it’. Jack In The Box actually walks through the journey.


| @uarmyhope/Instagram

For his pre-release song, “More,” J-Hope admits that while he was influenced by “old-school hip-hop,” he doesn’t think a genre can define the song, and he was proud to produce what he felt was the right sound for the track.

Actually, to talk about a specific genre of my music with my musical spectrum, um… I just like what I like so I don’t think you need to name the genres and define them. I try to accept things intuitively and express them, like ‘this mood needs this vibe.’

… “More” was completed after a lot of thought, like ‘we need this sound at this point or it should be burst out here!’ Of course, I do love rock music. But I added those features just to amplify the vibe the song has.


| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Still, especially since he had initially received such difficult feedback, J-Hope couldn’t help but feel curious about ARMYs’ reactions to his pre-release single, “More.” In fact, J-Hope admitted that he actively looked for fans’ reactions, which, fortunately, met his expectations.

I looked up the fans’ reviews, and reaction videos, and most of them were close to my expectations.


J-Hope seemed to be delighted that he was able to surprise ARMY with his unexpected concept and sound, enjoying watching their reactions.

Those surprise faces, ‘J-Hope? Seriously?’ Haha.


| @uarmyhope/Instagram

But even if ARMY hadn’t been receptive to J-Hope’s music, the idol believes that he would want to understand the feedback so he could improve for the future. Proving his bravery in his willingness to learn from any mistakes he could make.

Oh, that’s my burden to take. I would ask myself, was I too arrogant? Did I just do what I like? And learn my lesson.


J-Hope’s willingness to take on new challenges and constantly work to improve his skills just proves that he will continue to become an even more talented artist with more exciting ventures in store for fans.

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Source: W Korea