Here Is The Single Quality Of J-Hope’s True Personality That Even BTS Agrees Is His Greatest Strength

This is how he is off-camera.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently sat down with WKorea to discuss his solo debut album Jack in the Box, his career thus far, and his unique characteristics that have allowed him to become the successful artist he is today.

When asked about his single best quality, J-Hope chose the fact that he’s embracing. The BTS members have attested to this on many occasions, sharing how J-Hope shows the greatest restraint of all of them by listening to all the members and considering everyone’s opinion before sharing his own.

Embracing. I know I can be embracing. I believe my parents played a huge role in this. I know how to accept. I like to listen rather than speak. If someone is to pour out their emotions on me, I can sit there and listen to them.

— J-Hope

Like a true leader, he steps up only at the end and “becomes the strongest guy.”

J-Hope’s humble personality allows him to listen deeply, connect with others, and show genuine support to those in his life, all before considering his own needs.

J-Hope takes all feedback as something he must consider and learn from, allowing him to improve.

Whatever reaction and feedback you have on me, I would take it as an opportunity to grow and advance.

— J-Hope

Extremely empathetic to the emotions of others, he’s in tune with what the people around him are thinking.

And more, I am really good at reading people’s minds (giggle). So it puts me in a good position as a middle man in the group.

— J-Hope

Whether it’s his own BTS members, friends, or staff, J-Hope is always concerned for the people around him, such as when he was filming difficult scenes in the “Arson” music video.

  • Director: “Would you be okay with just three more takes [of falling backwards]?”
  • JH: “It’s no problem at all, we could do ten more. I’m just worried about the people who have to keep catching me.”

All of these qualities work together to give J-Hope a strong, healthy mentality and approach work as an exciting adventure instead of a daunting task. Even when starting his journey as a BTS member with only a background in dance, he had to learn many things, including rap, composing, writing lyrics, and more.

Oh, I believe I would ‘enjoy’ them instead of ‘overcome’ them when it comes to those kinds of tasks. ‘A dancer boy from Gwangju’ is my foundation. From that, I pulled it off one by one, thinking, ‘Okay, this is my first time. So what? Let’s just give it a try.’ When I accomplished one, ‘Oh, this is how it turns out. Fun!’. I need to take an interest first to do something.

— J-Hope

It’s for these reasons that J-Hope is always able to rise to the challenge with a stable mindset and enjoy his work — whatever it may be!

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Source: WKorea