BTS J-Hope’s Solo Album “Jack In The Box” Is Coming – ARMY Can’t Contain Their Excitement

J-Hope may have spoiled the album’s title a while ago!

BIGHIT MUSIC has now officially announced that J-Hope is the first of the BTS members to release a solo album, Jack In The Box, after the announcement that BTS would be taking time to focus on individual work.

In the statement posted to Weverse, BIGHIT MUSIC once again clarifies that despite the focus on individual activities, BTS is not taking a hiatus as a group.



We would like to announce the release of Jack In The Box, J-Hope’s solo album. BTS has turned the page on their new chapter, throughout which the members will harmoniously carry out their group and individual activities. J-Hope will be the first member of BTS to start this new journey and release his solo album.


Although the animated teaser for Jack In The Box didn’t suggest much about what the album would be, BIGHIT MUSIC’s statement expresses that the album will demonstrate J-Hope’s “aspirations to break the mold and grow further.”

J-Hope’s solo album, as expressed in the title of the album Jack In The Box, represents his aspiraitons to break the mold and grow further.


J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

The statement shares that a pre-released track will be released on July 1st, and the full album will be released on July 15th.

Starting with his pre-released track to be released on July 1st, diverse content to show J-Hope’s creative identity as an artist will be introduced. Please stay tuned and we will continue to provide you with more details on the album.

We hope that you look forward to Jack In The Box and send J-Hope your love and support as he takes his first step as a solo artist.

Pre-released track release date: 1 PM, Friday, July 1, 2022 (KST)

Full tracks release date: 1 PM, Friday, July 15, 2022 (KST)


Although fans were hopeful that J-Hope would be releasing a solo album ever since it was announced that he would be headlining Chicago’s Lollapalooza, they can’t contain their excitement now that the album is confirmed.

J-Hope is also expressing his excitement at the news, sharing the animation on his Instagram.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

And updating his Instagram bio to tell ARMY to “Get ready for Jack In The Box.

Some fans are joking that despite the hiatus rumors, BTS really aren’t planning on giving fans a break.

Other fans are already confident that they will love the album.

Especially since the concept of a Jack In The Box is all about surprise and breaking expectations.

Which fans think is also an appropriate way to describe how they’re feeling waiting for Jack In The Box to be released.

Although some fans are teasingly pointing out that because of the title, they will have to trend four different names for the album’s release.

One eagle-eyed fan noticed that when Jimin allegedly spoiled J-Hope’s appearance at Lollapalooza, J-Hope was conveniently wearing a shirt with “Jack” on it.

And fans also pointed out that because Jack In The Box will be released before Lollapalooza, J-Hope will be able to perform his new songs.

But one thing’s for sure: fans can’t wait to support J-Hope’s new endeavors.

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