BTS’s J-Hope Spills The Tea On His New Drinking Habits With Jin, And It Radiates Expensive Vibes

Can we join them?

There might be a constant pressure on idols to be perfect, but as they become adults, there is one inevitable thing: the growing taste for alcohol. Every person has their taste and preferences, which is exactly the same thing for the members of BTS!

However, it seems as if there have been some changes in preferences and habits, especially when it comes to members J-Hope and Jin.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right) | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On December 2 (KST), J-Hope went live after the third night of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert and had some fun chatting to ARMYs, asking V about his muscles, and being embarrassed by Jin!


After the first of many cameos from the oldest member Jin, where he asked whether they should have a drink after their final show, J-Hope explained that the two had gone drinking in America, adding, “I had some drinks with Jin in the United States.


However, it seems as if the two were having the time of their lives as J-Hope revealed what they had actually been drinking and spilled some tea on Jin’s drinking habits.

We had champagne then, champagne. For many things, like the 2021 AMAs, and a lot of other things to celebrate. So I had some drinks with the members and Jin was sitting next to me, so I was drinking with him. And he drank so fast, I was so shocked.

— J-Hope

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It seems as if Jin was enjoying the champagne a lot. He even had some fun with J-Hope in the meantime while his member was watching him drink.

He said, ‘You’re having eye contact with me? Then drink!’ So I almost died that day.

— J-Hope


Throughout the broadcast, it wasn’t the only mention of alcohol. The next one came after another visit from Jin, who seemed to love dropping by and treating ARMYs to his presence and bright pajamas.


After speaking about RM and how much work he does in the US, a fan asked J-Hope what kind of alcohol he drinks these days.

In his answer, it seems as if J-Hope’s tastes have changed, and it might also be because of his trip to America. However, he also noticed the downsides to the drink, which many people can relate to.

As I always said, I drink whiskey. But lately, with Jin and the members, I’ve had champagne. But the funny thing about champagne is that you get drunk so fast all at once.

— J-Hope


Champagne is definitely considered an “expensive” drink known for being used during celebrations and fancy events. Considering how many events the group has been to, it’s no surprise that their taste buds have changed.

In particular, when it was announced that they had been nominated for another GRAMMY award, the group was handed champagne to celebrate!


No matter how expensive their taste in drinks might be, the members always show how humble they are with their actions. You can read more from the chaotic broadcast below!

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