BTS’s V Claims He Isn’t Working Out, But His Latest Live Broadcast Appearance Has ARMYs Shook

V has some explaining to do!

A long-running opinion between ARMYs and fans of groups from HYBE is that the gym needs to shut down! From Jin, Suga, Jungkook, and even the members of TXT working out, it has been a clear thought that the gym should close to save netizens from dealing with muscly idols!

One person who hasn’t been caught in the HYBE gym is BTS’s V, yet that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that he is an avid goer because of his physique and frame.


However, it seems as if V’s muscular physique is nothing to do with HYBE’s gym! After the third night of the PERMISSION OF DANCE ON STAGE, J-Hope treated fans to a live broadcast with some special guests, one of which was V!

J-Hope during his VLIVE | @BTSupdate_7

During the live broadcast, the two discussed everything from V’s iconic Squid Gameinspired outfit to how they felt about the concert. In particular, as V first entered the room, he was greeted by Jin in some very bright and colorful pajamas.

When V saw Jin in his pajamas, he asked whether the group’s oldest member had already washed up, which he hadn’t. As all of the members have their own room, V pointed out that he had just finished eating.

| BTS/ VLIVE     

However, it was what V did straight after that had ARMYs out of their minds. After revealing that he’d eaten, V suddenly flexed his arms for the camera and fans worldwide to see, and it seemed to make J-Hope burst into fits of laughter.

| BTS/ VLIVE    

V continued to flex for the camera, and it seems as even J-Hope was shocked by the veins popping out of his arms because he asked, “Are you working out these days?”  Surprisingly, V answered that he hadn’t, adding quite adamantly, “NO! It’s been almost a year since I haven’t.

| BTS/ VLIVE     
| BTS/ VLIVE     

After the broadcast, fans couldn’t help but share their thoughts on V’s physique, and many of them couldn’t believe that what they were seeing wasn’t because of working out.

Although V is persistent that he isn’t working out, he shared in a previous broadcast with fellow maknae line that he was trying to stay in shape by controlling what he was eating.


It wouldn’t be too surprising to see that it was a mixture of V’s eating habits and the amount of energy he uses on stage that has contributed to his physique. It must also be helping all the members as in a recent interview, host James Corden praised Jimin for his physique!

| Late Late Show With James Corden/ YouTube

Whether HYBE’s gym needs to close or not, it seems as if there is no getting away from witnessing the BTS members’ amazing physiques! As long as they stay healthy and don’t put too much pressure on themselves, ARMYs will be happy!

Source: VLIVE