BTS’s Jin Gives J-Hope A Call From The Military — Here’s What He’s Up To Lately

J-Hope gave an update on Jin’s condition and more.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently held a livestream following his performance on “Dick Clark’s New Years’ Rockin’ Eve” to update fans on what he’s been doing, recap the year 2022, and state his goals for the new year. One of the important events he listed from the previous year was fellow member Jin‘s military enlistment.

J-Hope revealed that he recently received a phone call from Jin and was able to talk to him.

Actually, yesterday? Yesterday was the 31st. I got a call from Jin right before I went to sleep.

— J-Hope

He shared how their conversation started with a funny misunderstanding.

‘J-Hooooope’ he said. ‘Hyuuuung, how are you doing?’ I asked. He said, ‘Answer my calls!’ and I said, ‘I don’t know this number!’

— J-Hope

The two went back and forth, referring to each other lovingly as “J-Hooope” and “Hyuuung!” As J-Hope tells the story, ARMY quickly spot his longing expression for his friend.

Missing Jin since his enlistment on December 13th, J-Hope was comforted by being able to hear his voice again.

I felt comforted on the inside when I heard his voice and it reminded me of the moments I spent with Jin, so that was very nice.

— J-Hope

He also gave fans an update on Jin’s current condition.

But he seems like he’s healthy and well. If I were to tell you how he’s doing on his behalf, he looks very healthy and like he’s doing very well.

— J-Hope

He reassured ARMY to not be worried since Jin is doing great!

Just like the rest of us, J-Hope is relieved to hear his friend is doing well.

‘It’s a relief to hear he’s doing well.’ I was also relieved. It seemed like he’s doing very well.

— J-Hope

ARMY are excited to hear that Jin is doing well in the military and that he’s communicating with his loved ones!

J-Hope and Jin | @jin/Instagram

Check out what else J-Hope revealed during the livestream below.

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