The Difference Between BTS’s J-Hope and Jin’s Reactions To Compliments Will Make You LOL

They’re polar opposites!

In a recent video with WIRED, the BTS members answered some of the most searched questions about them on the internet, and their honest answers are almost as hilarious as their reactions!

One of the most asked questions is, “Who is the most handsome in BTS?”

To this, the members immediately pointed out Jin

…and he ate up every second of the compliment! Stroking his chin and flashing a thumbs-up, Jin clearly showcased his confidence in his status as Worldwide Handsome.

The next question, however, garnered a much different reaction from the member who was selected as the best dancer in BTS!

The members simultaneously agreed that none other than dance leader J-Hope is the best, to which he humbly disagreed with them!

Instead, J-Hope chose members RM, Jin, and Suga for his own picks.

Jin and J-Hope couldn’t be more different when accepting compliments, but they both certainly earned them!

Check out the full interview below!