BTS’s J-Hope Suddenly Goes Live With Jungkook And V, Debuting His New Hair Cut

It was such a surprise!

BTS‘s V just shocked ARMY when he suddenly went live in the middle of the night — and told J-Hope to show himself!

J-Hope introduced himself through the karaoke microphone and showed off his new short haircut.

If you couldn’t already tell by the background and the karaoke, they were at none other than Jungkook‘s house!

Turning on the light, fans could get a better view of J-Hope’s brand new look.

J-Hope’s haircut is especially important to fans at this time as he is fulfilling his mandatory military enlistment shortly — Though it isn’t a complete buzzcut yet!

Everyone…our Hobi hyung is going.

— V

The livestream came to a quick close since the two were waiting for their taxis to go home.

Saying their goodbyes, the little stream was a great treat for fans who have been missing them!

Plus, J-Hope is super handsome with short hair!

Eng: “Hi” | Weverse


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