BTS’s J-Hope Reveals The Most Memorable Lie He Ever Told…And It’s Heartbreaking

He deserves the world.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently revealed one of the most memorable lies he’s ever told.

He recalled a difficult time back when he was a trainee and doing everything he could to debut.

Whenever he would talk to his mom, she would ask questions like how he was doing.

J-Hope had to lie to his mom to make sure she wouldn’t worry about him.

Even though I was tired, I often told her that I was fine.

— J-Hope

Being a trainee and working towards debut is a grueling process that can take its toll on anyone and he did his best to not let it show.

I think those are the lies that I remember the most.

— J-Hope

J-Hope’s lie was to help protect his mother who means the world to him.

My mother’s happiness is my happiness and her laughter is my laughter.

— J-Hope, You Quiz On The Block


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J-Hope’s selfless decision shows his true thoughtful character that ARMYs love so much!