BTS’s J-Hope Shows Off All His Personal Belongings In Brand New Room Tour

He left nothing to the imagination!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently revealed how he lives while touring overseas…and it might surprise fans to know he’s just like the rest of us!

For starters, he showed off his freshly-washed socks drying on a coat hanger. Too cute!

He revealed all his possessions spread throughout the room, starting with his trusty bag he brings on stage during the encore of the concert.

He then showed this coffee pot that helps him with more than just coffee!

When I’m really hungry late at night, I boil some water and make myself ramen while I think I’m pathetic.

— J-Hope

Next, he revealed his Louis Vuitton bag and some accessories and cologne he recently purchased.

He’s getting into his latest hobby of taking photos! He revealed some lenses…

…and his Polaroid camera and film. ARMYs aren’t missing a thing — Even an old mask made it to the room tour!

He neatly organized his shopping bags, shoes, and clothes for the next day.

As expected of a room tour, he showed himself in the full-length mirror…

…and revealed a snippet of his clothes hung up in order.

If you want skin like J-Hope, consider bringing a huge humidifier wherever you go!

And my humidifier. It’s really dry here. I need this!

— J-Hope

His electronics were stored on his bedside table near his suitcase…

…and his toiletries were spread out all over the sink! It seems J-Hope is more relatable than you might think.

Last but not least, the cutest touch of all: The bunny headband he uses to wash his face!

Check out more from the livestream below.

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