BTS’s J-Hope Might Have Just Spoiled His Lollapalooza Setlist And We’re Not Okay

These songs are iconic! 🔥

BTS‘s J-Hope is hard at work preparing for his Lollapalooza performance on July 31. Busy with releasing his solo album Jack In The Box, he still managed to find time to drop a potential spoiler on Weverse!

It all started when an ARMY posted some of J-Hope’s songs that they have been loving recently.

I’ve been listening to ‘MORE,’ ‘Hangsang,’ and ‘Baseline’ together recently.. It puts me in a good mood and helps me concentrate, too! It’s so good!!!!!


However, J-Hope’s unexpected response is what made fans do a double take. With two simple emojis, it seems J-Hope is trying to keep a secret — but his response is enough to spill the beans!

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J-Hope already knows exactly what’s in store for ARMY at Lollapalooza, so it would make sense if these three killer songs were featured in his setlist.

While Jack In The Box single “MORE” would make an obvious appearance, it seems J-Hope plans on bringing back some songs from 2018 mixtape Hope World, including hard hitters like “Baseline” and “Hangsang.”

Many of these songs will be performed live for the first time, making it all the more exciting of a stage that nobody will forget anytime soon!

Plus, who knows what other songs J-Hope will bring back from his past?

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