BTS’s J-Hope Chooses His Favorite Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Moments — And They Perfectly Suit His Personality 

Here’s everything he did behind the scenes!

Louis Vuitton recently went behind the scenes with BTS‘s J-Hope as he attended the Men’s Fall-Winter 2023 Show during this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Excited to attend his first-ever fashion show, J-Hope was feeling both nervous and excited for the brand new experience.

Bonjour, yes, really, this is my first show indeed. I am very excited and everything is new.

— J-Hope

Louis Vuitton shows always have their own, marvelous style so I think this show will be a very meaningful experience for me.

— J-Hope

I just can’t wait to see what they will show us with this amazing collaboration. Let’s go!

— J-Hope

J-Hope explored some exclusive Louis Vuitton products and more, making sure to take videos and photos of the whole experience.

After more exploration, he was off to the fashion show!

Greeting fans with a smile, J-Hope made his way into the building.

First things first, he got to explore some of the best bags, sunglasses, and more.

Then, he was off to the set and photo walls located where the fashion show would take place.

After the show, it was hard for J-Hope to choose his favorite look he saw that day. However, two unique styles really stuck out to him!

Well, this was my first LV show. And as much as it was my first, it was really a fresh shock…… I had my favorite outfits since then. Like that outfit with messages written on a paper was very cute. The fur outfits were also cute. It’s really hard to choose one among them because they were all my type.

— J-Hope

Both outfits had a “wow” factor and left a lasting impact on the runway!

| Louis Vuitton

Since J-Hope always loves to push the boundaries with everything from music to fashion, it’s no wonder he loved these unique looks! Check out the full video of his experience below.