BTS’s J-Hope Is A Fashion King At Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week Show — Here Are All His Juicy Outfit Details

This is why it might look familiar!

BTS‘s J-Hope was the main event at the Louis Vuitton 2023 F/W Fashion Show during this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Personally invited by the brand, J-Hope shared he was excited and nervous for his first-ever fashion show.

However, once he arrived at the event, he oozed charisma!

| @harpersbazaarhk/Instagram

Not only did his confidence shine, he also showed off his cool and coordinated fashion sense in a Louis Vuitton outfit.

| @harpersbazaarhk/Instagram

Specifically, J-Hope was wearing a brand new look from the 2023 F/W he had come to see. Though his exact outfit did not appear on the runway, various colors and styles of the same print made an appearance during the show

| Louis Vuitton
| Louis Vuitton

In behind-the-scenes videos of J-Hope posing in the outfit, it looks like it was made especially for him!

| Gala.FR/TikTok
| Gala.FR/TikTok

Of course, he didn’t forget to show off a little aegyo for his fans!

| Gala.FR/TikTok   

If all of that wasn’t enough, even J-Hope’s travel outfit showed his love for the luxury brand.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

From head to toe, his beanie, scarf, necklace, bag, passport cover, sweater, jeans, and sneakers are all Louis Vuitton!

J-Hope at Incheon airport on his way to Paris | XSportsNews

Whether he’s by the runway or walking through the airport, J-Hope’s fashion always takes center stage!

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Check out some of the details below.

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