BTS’s J-Hope Was Shocked By ARMY’s Thoughtful Support — And What He Did Next Shows His True Self

Fans are swooning over him for this!

BTS‘s J-Hope just appeared on Park Sohyun‘s Radio Show “Love Game” to discuss his solo promotions and Jack in the Box album in front of a few lucky ARMY who selected to attend the recording.

BTS’s J-Hope and ARMY at Love Game. | @lovegame1077/Instagram

During the radio show, J-Hope noticed that ARMY had planned to wear matching Jack in the Box masks. The black masks featured the album’s logo in its signature blue and pink color scheme.

When J-Hope heard that it was a project coordinated by fans, he was totally impressed!

He loved it so much, that not only did he flash his big smile and thumbs-up…

…he even wore the one he was given immediately after the show! Showcasing his tender heart and greeting fans with the gift they prepared, it’s hard not to fall in love with his thoughtful personality.

However, that’s not all J-Hope treasured from fans. Along with the masks, he was given a book full of supportive messages from ARMY.

Lovingly flipping through the book, he looked through every page and took it home to read it more in-depth.

J-Hope is always grateful for the love from his fans and does everything he can to show how much their thoughtful actions mean to him!

The full fan support can be found below and includes a 62-page book full of supportive messages, 12 pickets with encouraging messages for ARMY to hold, Jack in the Box themed masks for ARMY and J-Hope, and even delicious food.