BTS’s J-Hope Finally Settles The Debate On Whether He Is A Deer Or A Squirrel

Which team are you on?

BTS‘s J-Hope recently appeared on Park Sohyun‘s Radio Show Love Game to discuss his solo album Jack in the Box, his recent performance at Lollapalooza, and answer some light-hearted questions from his adoring fans.

BTS’s J-Hope and Park Sohyun | @lovegame1077/Instagram

One of the questions J-Hope answered from ARMY is which animal he considers himself to most resemble. As fans lovingly refer to him as a variety of cute animals, including puppies and more, there are two animals that are used the most among fans.

One of the animals that he reminds fans of is a squirrel. As squirrels are known to fill their cheeks, J-Hope often does the same thing when eating or drinking!

Due to their cute chubby cheeks, it’s hard to deny the resemblance with a side-by-side comparison!

However, many fans also compare J-Hope to a deer. With his big, dark eyes, he also has the gentle and mysterious beauty of a deer.

When fans brought him some deer antlers during a fansign event, his look was complete!

However, when asked which one he prefers to be called, he revealed his choice is a squirrel! Choosing them because of their cuteness, he resembles them whether he’s sitting around…

…taking a nap…

..or doing just about anything!

J-Hope has even drawn himself as a squirrel, and when you see it wearing his signature cool glasses, you can’t deny their similarities.

J-Hope’s squirrel drawing (Top right) | BTS Deco Kit

Plus, when he was young, his nickname was “Acorn” because of his cute hairstyle. It seems the nickname is meant to be!

The debate is finally settled!