BTS’s J-Hope Reveals The Special Memory That Makes Him Miss Touring

No one can ever forget that inspiring day.

While filming a special announcement for the LOVE MYSELF campaign, BTS‘s J-Hope was reminded of the campaign’s true meaning.

Specifically, he was able to recall some special memories from the past few years.

However, one particular memory from their previous tour stood out to him.

At the concert in Bangkok, there was a memory where our fans answered ‘LOVE MYSELF’ after I called out, ‘LOVE YOURSELF.’

— J-Hope

Now that we’re unable to perform because of COVID-19, moments like that flash before my eyes sometimes.

— J-Hope

J-Hope revealed that being unable to tour has made these memories even more prominent for him.

That beautiful memory makes him truly understand the meaning of the LOVE MYSELF campaign.

ARMYs will never forget that special moment when J-Hope spread his love throughout the stadium!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video of the LOVE MYSELF special announcement below.