BTS’s J-Hope Shocks Everyone With His Insane Muscle Memory On “You Quiz On The Block”

Jung Dance Leader. 😍

During their appearance on You Quiz On The Block, BTS had to dance to their own music while Suga and the hosts had to guess which member was the “mafia.”

The mafia member, or imposter, was actually listening to a trot song and had to do their best to blend in with the others.

Initially picking V and Jimin has his prime suspects, Suga was shocked to learn who the true mafia was.

It was none other than dance leader J-Hope!

They missed the important cue: His shocked expression and nonstop laughter at the beginning.

Other than that initial laughter, J-Hope proved just how strong his muscle memory is when it comes to choreography. He was able to flawlessly blend in.

Only J-Hope could perform the correct moves while listening to a trot song through his headphones — and not miss a beat!

Check out the full moment below!


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