BTS’s J-Hope Is Just Like BT21 Mang — But Not In The Way You Might Think

Things just got deep!

Each of the BTS members have a lot in common with their BT21 counterparts. However, J-Hope‘s similarities with Mang go far beyond surface level!

BTS’s J-Hope and Mang | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Both J-Hope and Mang are known as dancing machines and work hard to reach their dreams…

…and they both share a precious heart-shaped smile, but there is something even greater that they share.

As evident in J-Hope’s career, he has made one of his most important values extremely clear. His priority is to tend to his inner light and focus on what’s important to him rather than what others deem to be successful or living up to expectations of others.

Because truth more than triumph makes me content, my inner light more than my success.

— J-Hope (@uarmyhope/Instagram)

In the same way, Mang holds this belief that it’s not worth it to compromise yourself and your own beliefs in order to fit others’ expectations.

Once you realize that it’s not about meeting others’ standards, take that mask off and reach for the top flight!

— Conn

Removing the mask, this strong act of bravery is reminiscent of J-Hope’s courageous choices to do what he loves and what is meaningful to him, rather than chasing success.

Check out Mang’s face reveal below!

Finally, BTS J-Hope’s BT21 Character Mang Took Off The Mask


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