BTS’s J-Hope Teases At Surprises For ARMY — Even While He’s Enlisted In The Military

“J-Hope always has a plan!”

BTS‘s J-Hope recently began the military enlistment process by submitting his request to terminate his military postponement. This means he is likely to be the next member of BTS to enlist in the military.

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Wanting to greet fans personally after the announcement, J-Hope held a livestream to discuss his future plans. He shared that though the enlistment process has begun, it doesn’t mean he’s enlisting right away. Similar to Jin‘s announcement, it will likely be a few months until J-Hope is officially enlisted.

However, he revealed that he prepared gifts for ARMY and filmed things prior to this announcement as a special surprise.

Many of the content he planned in advance will be able to comfort fans during this hiatus.

J-Hope revealed that he related to Suga during an episode of “Suchwita” where he discussed an artist’s duties to provide content to fans in return for their unconditional love.

These “small gifts” he has planned are something fans can look forward to throughout the coming months.

Recently teasing about a project related to his roots in street dance, fans will have many things to look forward to, including his upcoming single “On The Street.”

The sentimental meaning of “street” refers to place his dance and dream began, as well as the road that he will continue to walk together with ARMY. The single will be released at 2 PM, Friday, March 3, 2023 (KST).

j-hope wrote the track to share his candid feelings toward his fans. The title “on the street” refers to j-hope’s roots—street dance—from which his dream to become an artist began, and the path the artist and fans will continue to walk together.

We hope that j-hope’s “on the street” serves as a meaningful gift to everyone who supports the artist. Please look forward to j-hope’s new song!

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As expected, J-Hope always has a plan!

Even though I’m enlisting, I prepared a lot of different things just for you. You know J-Hope’s personality! I always think and prepare a lot.

— J-Hope