The BTS Members Say A Tearful Goodbye To J-Hope As He Enlists In The Military

ARMYs are crying, too!

Recently, J-Hope gathered with the BTS members right before attending his military entrance ceremony on April 18. As each of the members arrived, he greeted them with warm hugs.

In typical BTS fashion, the members just couldn’t stop touching his new buzz cut!

He shared that the new style is quite refreshing…

…and feels quite different in the rain!

Next, Jimin arrived to give J-Hope a hug…

…soon followed by RM.

Lastly, the members were very excited to see Jin appear! However, he is offscreen as he’s unable to appear in official content while enlisted.

They all took photos together, and even took individual pictures.

J-Hope posed with Suga

…took a selfie with V

…was loved by Jungkook

…looked cool with RM…

…and got silly with Jimin!

In the end, there was no way for the members to avoid shedding tears.

J-Hope said a few meaningful words for ARMY before leaving.

Yes, ARMY, I’m now going in. I’m fulfilling my mandatory military service as a strong young man in Korea. I’ll finish well and come back and greet you with a good image. Fighting! I love you.

— J-Hope

Of course, Jimin had to sneak in one last time to rub his head!

We will miss you, Hobi! 💜

Watch the video below.


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