BTS’s J-Hope Alludes To New Mixtape And Discusses His Song Writing Process

He already completed many songs.

During BTS J-Hope‘s “BE-hind Story” interview, he discussed the music he created over the previous year.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, he revealed he had much more time to create music and as a result, created an abundance of songs.

Many of these songs didn’t make it into BTS’s latest album, BE, however, he still has them and is anticipating releasing them at a later date.

He wrote without thinking of creating a song for BTS’s album and instead focused on creating music according to his own tastes.

I wrote the messages and the stories that I’ve wanted to convey.

— J-Hope

J-Hope also revealed that he plans to do something with these songs in the future, possibly alluding to his next mixtape.

I have this big dream of doing something great in the future.

— J-Hope

“Regardless of genre,” he wants to share his music at a good future opportunity with fans…

…and even discussed making an album that is complete and “like a person.”

I want to start with that frame [of incorporating the feelings, emotions, and messages that I want to portray] and add substance to it and create one perfect and sound ‘person.’

— J-Hope

ARMY can’t wait to eventually hear all of the music J-Hope has worked so hard creating over the past year! Check out the full interview below.


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