BTS’s J-Hope Shocks ARMY With His Insane Duality And New Hairstyle In “All New Hope” Concept Film

He looks HOT! 😍

BTS‘s J-Hope just released the concept film for his brand new Special Photo-folio “All New Hope.” His unique and grand concept ideas come as a shock to ARMY with his wild transformations, showing a completely different image than fans are used to seeing.

The concept film displays two wildly different concepts. The first one shows J-Hope in a gorgeous landscape in all white clothes.

The key point is his long, lavender hair!

Reaching below his shoulders, the brand new look gives him a powerful appearance like a deity.

However, the concept drastically switches to J-Hope in black with metal chains and a large tipped hat.

He also sports powerful makeup and leather accessories among a dangerous landscape and flames.

As fire completely envelopes the scene, the setting seemingly changes from heaven to hell.

Surrounded in a dark, fiery field, J-Hope’s badass charisma is just too hot — Literally!

In the end, he sits in a ring of fire.

Watch the full exciting trailer below!