ARMYs Are Treated To New Photos Of BTS’s J-Hope In The Military

He’s adapting well!

It has not been long since BTS‘s J-Hope left for the army. He’s the second member to enlist, following Jin. He bid fans a temporary goodbye, revealing his shaved head through a post on Weverse.

| Weverse

Of course, his beloved members came to send him off. Even Jin used a precious day of holiday from the military to wish J-Hope a smooth enlistment.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Fans were previously treated to photos of J-Hope as a new military trainee via the official military app, The Camp.

| The Camp

The app periodically updates people who subscribe to the soldier’s squad cafe on the app with photos of the soldiers adapting to military life. Each moment is documented, from meal times to training, to give loved ones a glimpse of their soldiers.

On April 26, 2023, The Camp released new photos of J-Hope’s squad. He is seen posing happily for the camera during mealtime. Fans noticed that he cleared his tray of food, reassuring them that he’s been eating well.

| The Camp via Idol Issue

In a more serious moment, J-Hope was pictured during military training. Each soldier has to undergo 6 weeks of basic military training before being posted to their new stations.

| The Camp via Idol Issue

With each update, ARMYs can rest-assured that J-Hope is adapting well to military life!

Source: Idol Issue


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