Here’s Why BTS’s J-Hope Picked His Own “Dick Clark’s New Years’ Rockin’ Eve” Fashion Look

He explained his cool style! ❄️
BTS‘s J-Hope greeted 2023 with an exciting performance at “Dick Clark’s New Years’ Rockin’ Eve.” From the fun performance to the funky visuals, he left fans amazed by his stage!

J-Hope revealed that he chose the fashion look himself and thought it matched his stage concept.

Actually, I thought about what to wear at “New Year’s Rocking Eve” and I looked up lookbooks and there was the perfect outfit. That’s why I picked this outfit. I thought this would suit this stage very well, which is why I chose it.

— J-Hope

J-Hope wore pieces from the DIOR‘s new capsule collection “California Couture” for spring 2023. The pieces he chose gave off his signature unique style, including the fuzzy bucket hat and bright sneakers.

J-Hope chose this bucket hat and turtleneck sweater. | DIOR

J-Hope revealed that just like performing is essential for the stage, the visual aspects also leave an impact on viewers and convey the concept of the performance.

Whenever I perform, I want to try different styles. Performing itself is very important when it comes to performances, but I think the visual aspects that are shown are very important, as well.

— J-Hope

J-Hope shared for various performances showcasing music from Jack in the Box including Lollapalooza and the MAMA Awards, he went with a dark and grim look that is inspired by the album.

However, he decided to choose music that is conceptually brighter for his New Year’s Eve performance which made him go for a lighter visual style, as well.

| @RockinEve/Twitter

He even chose some cool accessories, such as his fingerless gloves that give off a “wintertime” vibe.

Additionally, he went for a minimalist style of nail art that added a little extra swag to his look. Inspired by the fashion style of rappers like ASAP Rocky, J-Hope always adds the coolest touches!

His thoughtful preparation for his stage extends to every aspect of the show. Check out more from behind the scenes below!

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