BTS’s J-Hope Brings Back His Debut Hairstyle And Everyone Is Obsessed

The man you are today, Hobi! 😍

The day has finally come! Since 2013, ARMYs have patiently waited for the return of BTS J-Hope‘s debut hairstyle.

The iconic look is characterized by his swooping hair styled upwards to expose his forehead…

…as well as slightly shorter hair on the sides and back.

During BTS’s recent online concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” he shocked ARMYs worldwide with the signature hairstyle!

Nobody was ready for his freshly-dyed black hair…

…but many were expecting a change since he kept his beanie on in front of fans for the past few weeks.

The gorgeous look is perfect for him…

…and lets his handsome face get all the attention!

However, that wasn’t all that left ARMYs swerving for him. J-Hope always gives 110% effort and left fans stunned by his performance skills.

It’s no wonder he’s known as BTS’s “choreography boss!”

As if all of that isn’t enough, he also showed off his sexy body proportions in a variety of new looks, including a white flight suit and sunglasses…

…as well as an all-black look that will go down in history!

J-Hope’s visuals, skills, and charisma are a triple threat to ARMY’s hearts…

…and the return to this stunning hairstyle is just the cherry on top!

Years go by, but J-Hope still looks as handsome as ever. 💜