BTS J-Hope’s Meaningful Ending Ment Speech From “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Will Leave You In Tears

ARMYs returned his love instantly!

J-Hope touched every fan’s heart during his final speech from BTS‘s third “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in LA concert.

Before giving the speech, he asked the crowd if they had a good time.

If you had fun, say ‘Hope!’

— J-Hope

He couldn’t help himself to yell the beginning of his own name so ARMYs could finish it! This immediately lead to one of the cutest moments of the entire show.

His reasoning for doing it might tug at your heart strings a little!

I just like hearing my name!

— J-Hope

As he began his speech, ARMYs began chanting his name over and over.

He had to stop and take in the precious moment from the thoughtful crowd.

However, his actual speech is somehow even more touching!

I know we have four concerts but each day, for that one concert, I always put in everything that I have.

— J-Hope

If that one day becomes a perfect day, then it becomes your joy and happiness. Then I think, ‘I did my job!’

— J-Hope

Once mentioning how the purpose of his job as an idol is “to bring happiness to peoples’ eyes and ears,” it’s no wonder he gives it his all to help make people happy! He revealed that he then feels fulfilled and can go home and relax.

Since I did my job, that means now I can go back, turn on V-App, and eat steak and bibim-myun!

— J-Hope

Right after the concert, he kept his promise and ate his dinner with ARMYs through a live broadcast.

J-Hope truly loves being a source of happiness for ARMYs and deserves all of the love in the world!