BTS’s J-Hope Returned To Twitter And Wished K-ARMYs Luck On Getting “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE TICKETS,” But They Were More Than Prepared

It was every ARMY for themselves!

The start of March was definitely a stressful time for BTS fans! On March 2, ARMYs couldn’t contain their pride after the group sold out all four of their Las Vegas shows during the first presale. Well, the day after wasn’t any calmer as it was the turn of Korean ARMYs to try their luck for the upcoming dates in Seoul.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Luckily, it seems as if the members of BTS must have realized just how stressful the process of getting tickets is and have been sharing their words of wisdom. First up was Suga. He tried to calm fans down despite not understanding how hard it was to get BTS tickets.


On the actual day when the tickets came on sale, J-Hope came to Twitter posting some very cute selfies of himself in the dance studio with some adorable emojis.

BTS’s J-Hope | @bts_twt/ Twitter
| @bts_twt/ Twitter

It was the message with the pictures that ARMYs couldn’t get enough of. J-Hope shared a countdown with fans in the tweet, explaining that it was only seven days left until the Seoul shows.

He even added some words of support for Korean ARMYs who would be getting their tickets, saying, “Our ARMY have strength strength strength…

Many of the replies couldn’t help but tease J-Hope as it was the second time he shared the tweet after accidentally writing that it was eight days until the Seoul shows. But it didn’t stop them from loving the message and the visuals in the post.

Although the message was sweet and the sentiment there, it seems like K-ARMYs definitely needed that extra encouragement as they shared their experiences of trying to get tickets. On March 3, at 8PM KST, Korean fans logged on in their thousands to get a chance to see the group.

BTS is playing three dates at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, each date is limited to 15,000 guests. It means that over the shows, only 45,000 lucky ARMYs will get to see the group live.

Although it seems like a lot, it was a tough task as fans shared that the waiting queue before the sale even started was huge. One Korean fan even shared a screenshot of her screen, and it said that over 250,000 fans were in the queue to try and get seats.

Korean ARMYs were prepared, and many shared images of PC방, which translates as PC Room, where anyone can pay to use the computers. The images showed Korean ARMYs set up and ready for when the tickets came on sale with the website up on all the computers…

| @seokjinhime/ Twitter
| @seokjinhime/ Twitter

Some even had lucky BTS charms, including photocards, ready to bring them luck when the time came to buy the tickets.

| @seokjinhime/ Twitter

If American ARMYs found it tough, K-ARMYs no doubt had it harder with even fewer seats over fewer days. Hopefully, if they didn’t have a chance to get seats, they could still enjoy the concert through live streaming.

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