BTS’s J-Hope Joins RM In Getting Buff…And Absolutely No One Is Complaining

Hyung line is looking good!

BTS’s J-Hope shocked ARMYs when they noticed his recently changing physique.

| Melon

Within the past year, fans have taken notice of RM’s more muscular appearance, due to his growing interest in exercise.

Taking up RM’s workout of choice, pilates, J-Hope stated during a live broadcast that he now works out more often, too.

He revealed he’s already gained a bit of muscle from his workouts…

…and noticed some changes in his physique.

What really sparked ARMYs’ attention are his increasing chest muscles, which lead to his chest becoming a hot topic.

Fans are beginning to question the opening lyric from BTS’s song, Anpanman, where the members claim they are not built like superheroes…supposedly.

Translation: “I don’t have biceps or pecs”

— Anpanman

BTS’s hyung line has been serious about their fitness recently and fans can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

As long as they are healthy, ARMYs will support them!