BTS Shows Off Brand New Hair Colors And Styles — And ARMYs Are Wondering What’s Coming Next

“Does this mean a comeback is soon?”

The BTS members recently appeared in new videos accepting awards for MTV Video Music Awards’ “Group of the Year” among others, and their brand new looks caught ARMYs by surprise!

J-Hope emerged with his newly-dyed pink hair…

…while RM chose to dye his hair platinum blonde.

Jungkook made ARMYs swoon with his new, slicked-back hairstyle.

Suga also changed to a stunning silver color.

All of the members were looking good, but it left ARMYs with one question: Why exactly have some of them switched up their looks?

There are many ideas being tossed around. A potential comeback might be closer than we think…

…or maybe their upcoming trip to the U.S. will offer some surprises!

Either way, ARMYs are excited for whatever BTS has in the works!