BTS’s J-Hope Showed Up To Jamsil Stadium Alone…And It’s Bringing Back A Hilarious Memory For ARMY

Everyone remembers this!

On the latest episode of Run BTS!, the BTS members were tasked with choosing the place in Seoul they associate with “fun.” The goal is for them to think of the same place and meet up with their like-minded members at the location of their choice.

However, things quickly went south when J-Hope chose Jamsil Stadium, a location where BTS hold concerts with ARMY.

While the idea was great, he waited around for any other members who might have had the same idea.

Just when he thought he saw someone, he realized it was only a van full of BTS’s own production crew!

When Round 1 ended, J-Hope was in true disbelief that nobody else had chosen his location. This moment, however, is giving ARMY déjà vu!

Back in Bon Voyage Season 4, J-Hope was also left alone when the members played a prank on him by leaving him at the gas station. Poor Hobi!

Hopefully during Round 2 in the next episode, J-Hope’s location choice will be successful!