BTS’s J-Hope Proves He Does Everything With Swag In Latest “Run BTS!”

Hobi is the coolest. 😍

BTS‘s J-Hope just oozes charisma.

From his stage presence to the way he treats others, everything about him is undeniably cool!

On Episode 148 of “Run BTS!,” he proved that even the way he works is full of swag.

During an interior design mission, the members split up into teams to design rooms. J-Hope started by bringing up the atmosphere of the members…

…and it took no time at all for his upbeat attitude to rub off onto them!

J-Hope literally found his rhythm as a painter when he started painting to his own beat.

It’s as easy as keeping a beat while dancing for him!

Jin, look, you gotta keep a rhythm like this!

— J-Hope

The others showered him in “no-look” compliments as they tended to their own duties…

…while J-Hope made quick work of his job as a painter!

He can’t simply do things the normal way — He does it with swag!

That’s J-Hope’s signature style!