J-Hope Gets Red With Embarrassment During A Hilarious Moment In Latest “Run BTS!”

Someone save him. 😂

During episode 133 of Run BTS!, J-Hope found himself in a hilarious situation when he tried to order some pickles.

In order to convince the others it was a good choice, he looked up the health benefits.

Everything started out okay when he read about nutrients like vitamin C…

…but his expression changed when he read something unexpected.

They are beneficial to those…with lowered sexual functions.

— J-Hope

His flushed face and random babble afterwards are both adorable and hilarious.

From past experience, we know J-Hope is seriously cute when he gets flustered — like when he accidentally dropped a spoiler during a live session in his studio…

…or when he mixed up his wording during a live broadcast.

The whole pickle situation even caused an increase in the search term “Run BTS! Sexual Function” on NAVER.

| Nate Pann

In the end, it was worth the funny moment and he happily enjoyed his pickles!

Source: Nate Pann