“Golden Hyung” J-Hope Proves Himself As BTS’s Tennis King In The Latest “Run BTS!” Episode

What can’t he do?!

In Episode 129 of Run BTS!, the members put their tennis skills to the test. Since the very beginning, the members had high hopes for former tennis player, J-Hope.

Humble J-Hope had to live up to what the members knew of his tennis career…

…like the adorable story of being proud to win the bronze medal in a competition between three teams!

Despite dismissing their compliments when it was his turn to play…

…J-Hope proved his immense skills from the beginning!

From his stance to his grip, it was clear his hard work in the past has paid off.

The boys didn’t forget to shower tennis captain J-Hope with praise.

Even the Run BTS! editors were smitten with his skills.

If you think that this serious side of him is quite attractive, you’re right.

— Run BTS! caption

Where others may struggle, he makes it look easy — and looks pretty dang good doing it, too!

It’s hard not to fall for him doing what he does best.

We understand the feeling, Suga!

I almost fell in love with Hobi today.

— Suga

Plus, playing tennis makes J-Hope feel good and ARMYs can’t ask for anything more than that.

This is a great stress reliever. I think this is how I felt when I played as a kid.

— J-Hope

J-Hope is the ace of tennis, dance, good looks, and kindness. Really, what can’t he do?!