Hawk-Eyed ARMY Notice BTS J-Hope’s Unexpected “Appearance” On The Runway At 2022 São Paulo Fashion Week

Did you spot him?

Recently, a reference to BTS‘s J-Hope made an unexpected appearance at 2022 São Paulo Fashion Week thanks to fashion brand TA Studios!

BTS’s J-Hope at the “2022 MAMA Awards” | Mnet

During the fashion show, the brand introduced a white t-shirt on the runway featuring a graphic of the idol himself.

TA Studios

There are captions around the cartoonized photo of J-Hope, saying “J-Hope Marry Me,” “Raio De Sol (Sunshine),” “Hobi,” and “#B-ARMYs.”

TA Studios

The shirt features art from Instagram user @beeaurora_. Additionally, some of the profits will go towards @anpanbtsbrasil_ to help with charitable projects.

However, that wasn’t the brand’s only BTS-related reference the fans spotted on the runway. One shirt showed a design of an ARMY with ARMY bombs, enamel pins, and more, showing their status as a fan of BTS. Underneath, it says “Lorena das Bombas,” a reference to the text below it that reads “Louder than Bombs” and “#B-ARMYs.”

TA Studios

Lastly, ARMY also spotted an outfit with “00:00” embroidered on the side, a reference to BTS’s 2020 song “00:00 (Zero O’Clock).”

TA Studios

With these obscure references that only ARMY will get, it’s obvious that Brazil loves BTS and J-Hope!

Source: @JhopeNews_/Twitter