BTS’s J-Hope Spills The Unique Habit He’s Had Ever Since He Was Young

The most dedicated ARMYs noticed this!

BTS‘s J-Hope has some of the cutest habits! From tilting his head when he’s confused…

…to playing with his earlobe and neck while he’s focusing, only the most observant ARMY notice the smallest details about the BTS members.

However, J-Hope recently revealed one of the habits he noticed he does all the time: Fixing his sideburns!

Ever since he was young, he says his sideburns have always stuck out. To combat that, he tried his best over the years to flatten them whenever he could.

Since I was young, my sideburns have stuck out very often. So, I’ve kept touching the side of my hair since I was a student.

— J-Hope

He tried all different ways to flatter his sideburns whenever he could!

Whenever or wherever, like this or like that. Even with various ways, you know! *Laughing*

— J-Hope

One time, during a fansign event, J-Hope tried his best to take a cute selfie.

However, he was quickly dissatisfied with it when his sideburns stuck out! He even rubbed his hands together and pressed them to the sides of his head in hopes of flattening them.

This is just one of J-Hope’s unique quirks that make him so cute!


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