The BTS Song With A Choreography So Difficult, Even J-Hope Finds It “Insane”

What’s your guess?

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for being one of the best dancers in K-Pop. That doesn’t mean, however, that every single choreography is easy to him.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

In a new interview with Esquire, he was asked to choose the more difficult choreography between two popular songs of the group. One of them was “IDOL” (2018)…

…and the other was “ON” (2020).

J-Hope didn’t need to think long before saying his answer. He started by acknowledging the merits of “IDOL” which was their hardest choreography at the time.

‘IDOL’ choreo used to be very difficult. All the members thought so, too, so we changed a few parts.

— J-Hope

At the end of the day, however, “ON” was undoubtedly the winner.

But the ‘ON’ choreo wins. I’ll go with ‘ON.’

— J-Hope

He described it as an incredibly “insane” choreography. The whole song was intense, and yet the dance break towards the end was the most mind-blowing yet in his eyes.

It’s really insane, especially the dance break. It kills all others.

— J-Hope

In fact, the entire group almost passed out when they performed it on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Though each of the seven members has extensive experience on stage, the dance for “ON” proved to be a challenge even for them.

I remember when we performed ‘ON’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. We almost passed out afterwards.

— J-Hope

The members were captured sweating profusely and breathing hard right after finishing the recording, proving J-Hope’s point.

Check out the full “ON” dance practice below to see exactly why he finds it so insane.

Source: YouTube