BTS’s J-Hope Is Faced With A Dramatic Decision In New Cinematic Video From Spotify Korea

His narration is *chef’s kiss*.

BTS‘s J-Hope is at a crossroads in new exclusive clips from Spotify Korea.

The video is a cinematic representation of the lyrics of “Arson,” showing J-Hope looking into a bright flame and pondering his next move.

Like the lyrics suggest, his faced with a decision when the flame is burning brighter than it ever has.

Should the fire be put out when it’s at it’s brightest?

— J-Hope

Representing his and BTS’s popularity and career, J-Hope dwells on whether he “puts out the fire or burns even brighter.”

J-Hope’s decision to continue on instead of putting out the flame becomes evident as the colors shift and the room is lit up.

The time has come to burn a brighter flame.

— J-Hope

Tying it back to Jack in the Box’s theme of J-Hope’s stage name origin, this decision allows him to escape from the box and represent hope.

As he freed himself from the box, people began calling him, ‘Hope.’

— J-Hope

Check out the full cinematic video below.