Here’s How BTS’s J-Hope Deals With Friends Who Have Different Opinions Than Him

“You know, you never have friends that exactly have the same mind as you.”

BTS‘s J-Hope recently appeared on MBC Radio show “Starry Night” to discuss his honest and introspective lyrics for “STOP (There Are No Bad People In The World)” off of his solo debut album Jack in the Box.

Addressing such an impactful topic, he “didn’t want to make the lyrics too raw” and did his best to convey his message without going over the top.

Specifically, in the first verse, J-Hope addresses friendships where the other person has a different opinion than you.

I did want to write about friends, though. You know, you never have friends that exactly have the same mind as you.

— J-Hope

However, the song’s message encourages people to stop and understand why someone might have a different point of view instead of immediately assuming they’re a bad person. He reveals that despite having differences that you don’t understand with a friend, that doesn’t make them evil.

While people may believe it makes more sense to assume that others are bad to keep your expectations low and avoid getting your feelings hurt, for J-Hope, it is more natural to assume the best of people and put effort into understanding their motives.

I’m a type of person to fit the other and I feel more tired when other people are uncomfortable more than myself.

— J-Hope

Through J-Hope’s empathetic nature, he’s able to understand and sympathize with a wide variety of people. From people to animals, he often feels the emotions of others and does anything he can to help, such as the time he took an injured kitten to the hospital.

Additionally, his intelligence allows him to think deeply about issues and come to logical answers instead of jumping to conclusions. He wishes that his song can allow others to also stop and think about other people’s motives in order to understand each other.