Where Is Suga? BTS’s J-Hope Solves The Mystery With The Help Of ARMYs

Here’s why there are only 6 members.

BTS‘s J-Hope and Suga can’t stay apart for long!

Recently, J-Hope posted a series of photos of the two together to celebrate his hyung’s birthday…

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…but he soon found something unexpected in his search!

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This photo may look familiar to ARMYs, but J-Hope was left with some confusion.

I found this while looking for Yoongi hyung‘s photos

It feels like a high school field trip picture..

Leave after having a laugh..

But why is Yoongi hyung not here?

— J-Hope

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Taken during BTS Bon Voyage Season 3 in 2018, the boys traveled to Malta and experienced all kinds of fun vacation activities. However, many of the photos only contain six members.

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J-Hope might not remember the exact reason Suga was absent, but ARMYs do! One fan shared that Suga revealed he had to leave early due to a personal family situation.

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Though the members knew they would miss him and wanted all seven members to enjoy their time, they knew he had to leave.

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Of course, Suga kept it realistic: They’ll just have to see each other back in Korea!

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When fans reminded J-Hope of this, the unfortunate memory came back to him.

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However, nothing can keep the BTS members apart for long.

Reunited and it feels so good!