The Placement Of BTS J-Hope’s Tattoo Holds A Significant Meaning…And It Goes Back Years

ARMY, get your tissues ready. 😭

Recently, the BTS members are getting their own friendship tattoos of the number “7.” Symbolic of the members, their tattoos cement their lifelong bond as a group and best friends.

Jimin’s “7” tattoo on the inside of his index finger. | @piecesofmind_jm/Twitter

RM’s tattoo is on the inside of his ankle. | @rkive/Instagram

Most recently, J-Hope debuted his first tattoo through a photo on Instagram. However, the placement has an extra special meaning for him!

J-Hope’s tattoo is right above his Achilles tendon. | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Choosing to get his tattoo above his Achilles tendon, J-Hope has referred to ARMY as his “Achilles heel” on multiple occasions.

ARMY’s Nickname:
RM: Eternal companion & friend
SG: Reason for existence
J: ARMY is just ARMY, they can’t be replaced with other words
JH: Forever my Achilles heel
JM: Pretty
V: My best friend
JK: ARMY = Love


2021 FESTA Profile | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

During Let’s BTS, he once went in-depth about what this truly means for him.

For me, ARMY are like my Achilles heel. It is the only strength that keeps me walking. Really, this is the most important strength and another driving force for us.

— J-Hope

J-Hope explains how he feels about ARMY. | KBS

The “Achilles heel” can represent one’s vulnerable point, which means he’s referring to fans as his weakness. Additionally, without it, it’s very difficult to walk, showing that ARMYs keep him going.

Another perspective taken by fans is the importance that the Achilles tendon holds for a life of a dancer.

Hoseokie chose this path because he likes dancing.

A “7” on the Achilles tendon, which to dancers, is their lives.

To tattoo this area…just how much does it mean [to him]?


By getting his BTS friendship tattoo in an area that represents his love for fans and his ability to dance, it shows just how meaningful it is for J-Hope!