BTS’s J-Hope Tops iTunes Charts 2 Years After Release

“Hope World” will go down in history as a classic.
J-Hope‘s solo song, “Hope World” has been topping the Chilean iTunes song charts, staying at #1 from the 5th of June to the 7th. This comes as a surprise to most, given that the song was released with his mixtape in March 2018, making it over two years old. Despite that, “Hope World” is said to have beaten out recent popular releases to maintain its top spot.

J-Hope’s song tops the iTunes charts in Chile.

“Hope World” was inspired by the book, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne, which J-Hope had read in his childhood. The lyrics “Say hello to my Hope World/ this is my world/ wholly my story/ run twenty leagues under the sea” contain the message of positivity and hard work, both of which J-Hope embodies.


J-Hope remains the first and only Korean solo artist to have his album charted in Billboard‘s main album chart, Billboard 200, for two consecutive weeks, charting at #63 in his first week, followed by #38 the next. The title track, “Daydream”, even took the top spot in Billboard World’s Digital Song Sales Chart.


“Hope World”‘s success was almost immediate – reaching #1 across the globe, in 63 different countries within one day of its release.

In other news, BTS is set to appear to speak for “Dear Class of 2020”, a virtual graduation ceremony that will be broadcasted on YouTube on the 8th of June at 4am KST.

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